J&J debuts Kenvue as new name for $15B consumer health business spinoff

Johnson & Johnson’s consumer health company has a new name, identity and purpose. Kenvue is a combination of “ken” meaning knowledge and “vue” a homonym of view, the company said on Wednesday.

The $15 billion consumer spinoff with household staple brands including Neutrogena, Tylenol, Band-Aid and a lineup of baby care products is set to become a separate publicly traded company by November 2023.

Along with the name, J&J is adopting a dark green graphically designed “K” as the brand logo. The squared-up rectangle in the first half of the letter is meant to represent scientific precision, while the rounded second half resembling a sideways heart shape is meant to evoke the warmth of care, J&J said in a press release.

In an introductory video, the “K” changes colors alongside its products — turning different shades of blue for Neutrogena and Listerine, then yellow-orange for Baby…
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