Bayer CEO Werner Baumann says company is ‘putting major litigation behind us’ while highlighting Q2 growth

Bayer CEO Werner Baumann highlighted “strong operational performance” on Thursday while raising the full-year guidance. But before diving into the details, he summarized Bayer’s plan to settle a slate of ongoing litigation.

“We are making good progress in putting major litigation behind us,” Baumann said on a Q2 call with investors and analysts.

He added that the company is “confident in the litigation strategy” when it comes to glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup. Bayer has faced multiple cases alleging that Roundup caused cancer, and recently announced a five-point plan to “a clear path to closure of the U.S. glyphosate litigation.”

The company has already settled 107,000 of 138,000 cases, according to its website.

“From today’s perspective, we are sufficiently provisioned to deal with the current and also the future cases,” Baumann said.

Bayer has faced scrutiny since closing $30 billion in valuation after its $63 billion buyout…
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