Pfizer donates first $5M in Russian profits since the war started to help Ukrainians

Pfizer is taking a novel tactic in its approach to the Russian war against Ukraine as CEO Albert Bourla told staffers on Wednesday that the company is putting its first $5 million in Russian profits toward eight global and local NGOs to support humanitarian relief and response efforts in Ukraine.

“We will continue to divert these profits to the Ukrainian people until peace is achieved. Until that time, we also stand firm in our decision to cease all our clinical trials in Russia and to halt all investments in local manufacturing,” Bourla wrote to colleagues.

Pfizer joins with at least a half dozen other Big Pharma companies like AbbVie, Novartis and Eli Lilly in halting trials or suspending certain business activities in Russia due to the war.

For Lilly, efforts included stopping the export of non-essential medicines into Russia. Those non-essential medicines would include medicines such…
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